How are you Different?

Every business tries to be different. Few succeed. In my experience, the reason very often is that when business systems generally work, they do not get improved, even though technology may provide avenues for incremental improvements. Over time, complacency sets in. Inefficiency is largely ignored–that is until a significant event occurs, such as losing a large client. As business owners, we both understand that.

Before deciding to shift careers to law some 15 years ago, I was an Industrial Engineer and Manager in the manufacturing sector. It was my job to improve efficiency. I started Windy City Trial Group by applying the same kind of lean business principles to the traditional law firm model and improve both customer service and performance in the courtroom. From technology that makes Windy City Trial Group more efficient, to applying that same technology to keep you updated 24/7, we can be “in the office” virtually anywhere.

Finally, we embrace our litigation support partners BlueStar Case Solutions and AmicusLink who provide trial support services on demand, and only for as long as needed. This gives Windy City Trial Group the overhead flexibility to compete against the large law firms. Try as they might, these firms must constantly fight the inertia that prevents the kind of rapid change a 21st century law firm needs to stay competitive. We think you will see the difference from the first time you Contact Us.

Denny Esford
Trial Attorney & President
Windy City Trial Group, Inc.