How Much Do You Cost?

Denny Esford on the cost of litigation:


What is it about lawyers and budgets?

howmuchcosts4967Businesses of any substantial size usually work from a formal budget. How much investment is allocated to Sales, Marketing, Inventory, Transportation, Engineering, R&D; not to mention continuously upgrading equipment and investing in benefits and training to keep good employees and minimize turnover.

Many lawyers lament that the nature of litigation is so unpredictable that it cannot be budgeted. But as a former Industrial Engineer for some of America’s largest manufacturers, and now a trial lawyer for 10 years, I’m telling you it can be done. Is it perfect? Of course not. Are there contingencies and unknowns to deal with and plan for? Sure. As a business owner, you are already way ahead of me, aren’t you?

At Windy City Trial Group every substantial litigation matter starts with a budget and a timeline. It is discussed with you and mutually agreed upon, once we get a handle on the scope of the matter at hand. We will discuss what typically happens, what contingencies we should plan for, the range of litigation costs expected and what steps can be taken to minimize costs. And we keep talking to you, analyzing variances to plan each month, discussing go-forward strategies, and together regularly make adjustments to the budget as the litigation process unfolds.

Substantial litigation matters should be treated like any other discreet project you manage in your organization every day. At Windy City Trial Group, that happens here, too. Every day.

Attorney Rates and Support Costs

When you run a lean organization, you can be very competitive with pricing. Windy City Trial Group is dedicated to providing cutting edge litigation services at a price point substantially below our competition. We started the firm from scratch with the latest hardware, software and Internet technology available to drive down costs and even save a few trees along the way. As a result, we don’t nickel and dime you for making copies, secretarial work, internal conferences or researching well-established case law. We call this what it is – non-billable overhead.

Our attorney rates reflect our efficiency and the legal difficulty and experience necessary to accomplish the legal tasks at hand. Our partners’ trial support services, from contract attorneys for document review to the latest trial graphics and mock trial preparations, are passed through at our cost–there is never a mark-up. To make paying us flexible, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, wire transfers and ACH debits, all as either as one-time or recurring payments.

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