It is quite common for companies to resolve their contractual disputes via binding arbitration. The process is generally conducted in two ways: directly through a private arbitrator or through an organization such as the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Arbitration is far cheaper and faster than typical litigation. And the finding of an arbitrator is enforceable in court. It also has the advantage of being a private resolution method, not exposing your contractual disputes to vendors and customers when you litigate in a court of law.


As a private arbitrator, Denny Esford has the litigation experience and skill set to fairly evaluate and render a just finding in this private setting. Denny has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, drawing on his 17 years in engineering, technical sales and management at Fortune 500 companies GM, Square D and United Technologies. Denny is also a former Senior Editor of the highly respected international industry trade journal Cutting Tool Engineering.


Another method used by companies to resolve contractual disputes is mediation. It has the advantages of arbitration without binding the parties to an outcome they don’t agree with. Good mediators see both sides of an issue with both objectivity and empathy for the otherwise fervent position of each party.

However, unlike arbitration where deliberation of a dispute rests solely with the arbitrator, mediation is a collaborative process between and among the parties and the mediator. The mediator must bring sensitive interpersonal skills and the art of persuasion to the negotiating table. Denny brings 15 years of experience negotiating successful settlement agreements, as most litigation matters settle short of trial.