Breach of Contract

Windy City Trial Group is experienced at prosecuting and defending breach of contract claims arising from both written and oral disputes between you and your vendors or customers. This includes disputes over the enforcement of non-compete agreements against both your departed employees and their new employer.

A breach of contract often gives rise to business torts or trade secrets misappropriation.

Breach of Contract

Business Torts

Torts are simply civil (usually money) wrongs as opposed to criminal (incarceration) wrongs in violation of state and federal law. In the business context, these areas include fraud, breach of fiduciary duty by partners or LLC members, wrongful interference by competitors with established client relationships and wrongful interference with prospective economic opportunities.

Trade Secrets

Even among lawyers, trade secrets law is an often-neglected area of intellectual property. But tell that to the President of a mid-sized business who just lost his Vice-President of Sales to a competitor along with a detailed list of pricing, margins and buying history of his best customers.

A trade secret is legally defined as any information that has value in the marketplace as a result not being generally known in commerce. When reasonably protected, trade secrets can have more long-term value than a patent. Patents must disclose to the public both the invention and how to practice it in exchange for a 20-year monopoly. A trade secret has no such restriction and can last forever if properly protected. The longest running trade secret in commerce today is the formula for Coca-Cola, dating back to the late 1800’s.