Serving Business

We litigate most of our cases on behalf of small and mid-market businesses. Sometimes we receive clients through direct connection to the business owner or its top executive. Other times it is a call from the company’s long time legal counsel looking to take advantage of the local resources needed to cost effectively litigate a case in Chicago and put their client in the best possible settlement posture.

Are you an entrepreneur? You have what should be a simple legal question. But in the start-up phase, when pennies can seem like dollars, you hold off picking up the phone. Maybe you Google for an answer that is either flat-out wrong or does not apply to your particular situation. Windy City Trial Group can serve as your “in-house” legal counsel for a small fixed fee each month. If we help you avoid an early legal misstep by answering your legal questions now, we think you will remember us when you need to defend or enforce your legal rights later.